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Don't wana be a loser
#1 Posted : Saturday, 23 November 2019 6:36:39 p.m.(UTC)
Don't wana be a loser

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I'm so over gambling.
I feel out of control.
Last night I gambled $800 :,(
So over it.
Want to stop.
Feel like i'm the exception to the rule cos I've tried so many things to stop and I just keep going back like a dog to a bone.
Even when I promise myself I won't.
Any help or suggestions gratefully received
:'( :'( :'(
#2 Posted : Sunday, 24 November 2019 12:45:47 a.m.(UTC)

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My suggestions would be...
1. Find a group such as GA and talk about what's happened with others. For the first week or so when you stop go to many meetings, because you are still in gambling mode. After a while you can reduce it. It is possible to attend online forums instead though, this has worked for me in the past. You might find that helping others will help you. And don't think you can't help others, your stories are valued by other addicts and will help them to stop and stay stopped too.
2. Don't give yourself money if you can avoid it. This is hard if you are single, but there are some things you can do, such as put the money you would normally gamble with into superannuation.

If I go wayward again I get help straight away, which is in fact what I'm doing here. I know that the quicker I come and get help and the quicker I stop gambling the quicker all my problems fix up. Money problems do fix themselves up over time all by itself. The problem is while I am in gambling mode my brain sooner or later thinks it can fix the money problems up by gambling again. You can't. Money lost is gone. It won't ever come back. There's a reason I'm out of money again...IT'S BECAUSE GAMBLING IS A LOSING ACTIVITY. It's not as though I haven't done enough of playing the pokies over the years, I've played them to death trying to beat them. I can't beat them. This is simply evidenced by the fact that I keep hitting new lows every time I go back. The machines have a 12% house edge. No one can beat that. I tried so many times and I failed and I admit defeat. I cannot afford to keep playing.
#3 Posted : Wednesday, 26 February 2020 7:29:28 a.m.(UTC)

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Hi Don't wanna be a loser.... I saw a man pop in $1000 and he only got one set of free games ($9.00 Aussie dollars a push of the button) and those free games... he got NOTHING I was devastated for him - actually wanted to give him some money (but hey I actually was on my own losing streak so just kept that thought to myself)
It is so stupidly easy to lose control and keep feeding the machine all of our money ....
Very clever people have programmed it so those of us who have the weakness keep feeding the machine!
I understand completely how hard it is to stop - the promises we make to ourselves, the hopes we have that we will stay away.
So far I've tried everything and are now looking at the list and doing it all again. for example
1. Making promises not to play
2. not using eftpos cards - only take cash
3. setting time limits on playing (thats just awful)
4. Only play the machines when I'm with someone (that so doesn't work, she is as bad as I am so now we both worse off lol)
5. self exclusion order (yep did that a few years back .... suffered for a year, so so happy when that was over,... but hey, I banned myself again for a year. so sad.
6. receive counselling - did it work, yeah nah.
7. don't lie to family - well I didn't for a long time ... but lately ... hmm maybe not so squeaky clean
8. don't steal (phew, finally one I haven't done - but is it the next step? I hope not.

Do I feel your pain? yep.
Is there anyone out there who will truely help you - Long term... not that I've seen. You gotta beat this by yourself - just like I have hahahahaha yeah right
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