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#1 Posted : Friday, 17 January 2020 6:23:25 p.m.(UTC)

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I have been a gambler since i was 20 years old i have realised this when i was 22 years as a university student at UOA spending all my money as a student at the casino.

I am 31 years old now.

I have self excluded myself from the casino in 2009. This means they have my photo so once i enter the casino they will kick me out. Recently after 10 years of being self excluded i did enter the casino and they did kick me out they have recently upgraded their face recognition software so they will kick you out.

Can be done by ringing skycity for both family members aswell if you are concerned.

i myself can tell you after many years of being gambling free i can get hooked straight away.

Since i was self excluded from the casino i did turn to TAB.

Recently TAB have incorporated an AML (anti money laundering) so anyone who is cashing out $1000 or making $1000 bet they will need to verify their TAB account via an online tab account.

In TAB online account you can self exclude yourself which means you can not make big bets of $1000 and cashout $1000 plus without authorized from head tab office which is a long process and a good deterioration from gambling.

Advise self exclude from TAB can be done by ringing TAB.
Can be done for family members aswell.

local pokies: our local pokies have a jackpot around the $800 dollar mark which is not big.

But i have seen people putting $500 in the machine to win an $800 jackpot which is drawn at random time which has no bearing on money put in.

You can self exclude yourself from the pokies at local pubs aswell. You have to give your name and details to them. If you want to help yourself its the steps you need to make if you want to change. We all know once you have the extra $20 or $200 or $800 and you say you have a try it becomes from $20 to $200 quite fast.

Gambling is not about money!! Its true at first it was spend $50 make $100 yaayy free dinner.

But over time it becomes a thrill and its not fun. Gambling becomes a habit a very bad one its not fun it causes stress makes you lie makes you steal. Consumes all of your time take time away from your family.

To be gamble free you have to take steps to help yourself.

How many times have we said this is the last one or no more. Felt depressed for 1 or 2 days and gone back the 3rd day to win back our losses. The cycle continues and somehow we find money to do it again and again and we cant afford it either.

Self exclude yourself from all venue either casino, TAB, pokies online casino.

Take steps to put yourself back in order by telling your friend and family about your addiction they will support you even if they get mad or angry at first but its the first step you should take.

Read selfhelp books avaiable on audible
Mindset by carol dweck
Atomic habits by james clear
Grit by angel duckworth
How to stop gambling by allen carr.

Always keep postive never doubt yourself always belive you can change never give up.
Make postive changes today to help yourself for a better you tomorrow. Take small changes today even its 1% . As 1% today will make you 365% better a year from now.

Take your losses on the chin (like anthony joshua) but its not about staying down its about how you get up and keep improving yourself to be the gamble free or (a champion again like anthony joshua). People did doubt him and like yourself you will have doubts but a champion always rises.

And we will knockout this gambling addiction.

#2 Posted : Friday, 17 January 2020 6:41:22 p.m.(UTC)

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Hi team

I myself have countless times have won $6000 from $100 bet at the TAB horse racing. $3200 multi from $200 sports bet. Or $10,000 from tennis live betting

Or $2400 from blackjack table from $ perfect pair. Or $1800 from roulette from a $50 bet. Or jackpot from the pokies.

Yet i have still gone back the next day trying to win more money. We dont stop when we will we want more its nature and we when lose we dont stop. We want to win our money back.

If i won lotto powerball would i stop gambling? Well i have to win powerball and see if we stop so we cant answer that question.

It doesnt matter if you gamble $1 or $100 or $1000 or $10,000 or $100,000

Gambling is not about money it never has been.

Casino, pokies, tab will always operate in NZ until a law is passed to make it illegal which will never happen in NZ as Au has a rsa in every corner and most nz laws follow aussie law.

If you want to stop it has to be done by you and taking postive step in ensuring you do.
#3 Posted : Wednesday, 26 February 2020 6:04:24 a.m.(UTC)

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Hi, I self excluded myself today from the two local pokie venues I go to... the next nearest is over 50kms away. Only took one minute at the venue... name address ID photo. sign form and thats it. Neither place took an interest in why I was self excluding ... nor did they give out any help at all.
If there is support out there for us problem gamblers- its hard to find.
I thought this site would be good for support but it feels like I am just talking to myself. Something I do regularly anyway.
So how am I feeling you ask? not really sure... maybe I acted a bit rashly... maybe I'm not really that bad a gambler. hmmmmm well I am.
So too late to change the ex-orders.
Will just take time now to see what happens.
It came into my head yesterday, that saying ... you do the same shite each day and you will get the same result. So go do something different. Well I did change the day for myself. Hoping that self loathing from losing will slowly disappear.

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