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#1 Posted : Thursday, 4 June 2009 11:15:00 a.m.(UTC)

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Dear Friend,
Are you fed up with the lack of awareness out there about how gambling really affects people's lives?
Are you fed up with our respective government's around the world and the gambling industry getting greedier and greedier and making bigger and bigger profits of the backs of problem gamblers?
Are you fed up with the lies and spin that everyone seems to pump out about how we are the tiny minority and how the problem is not really a significant one?
Shall we continue to let the greed and ignorance of a few continue to blight our communities and our families all around the world?
I propose that us problem gamblers and people whose lives have been turned upside down by gambling need a voice - a voice that can represent them at all levels - a voice that can grow and grow and become so powerful by uniting together that they cannot ignore us anymore - a voice that can affect policy, educate the media, influence the industry and create a better understanding of how gambling works to everyone around the world.
A voice that is not manufactured around its own greedy ego but one that is centred around the facts. And those facts are how gambling has seriously affected us all spiritually, emotionally and financially?
The problem gambler federation is a call to you to help change the status quo - to join the fight against the greedy ignorant captains of the gambling industry who only care about profits and use lies and spin to say that they care about responsible gambling.
How it would work?
1. Together we build a huge membership organisation that cannot be ignored
2. There must be a commitment to fill in a questionaire so that we can conduct our own studies and research - Information that we can use as our weapons in this fight. This can all be done completely anonymously. At the moment we have to rely on studies that are commissioned by the government - and these are the ones who are creating all the problems - I say that they are not best placed to be wearing both hats. There needs to be an alternative.
3. We can provide informed experts with information to back up our case and be ready to present our work to the media, government and the industry and bring about change and raise overall awareness.
How to join?
1. This is a concept that relies on your willing particpation if it is ever going to become a living breathing reality. So if you like what is being said here then send me an email saying 'Jake - I'm in'
2. That's it, nothing more until I get enough names and email addresses (say about 1000) which will signify to me that I am not alone in my thoughts. That there is enough of us out there who wants to do something about this problem of lack of awareness and to what is really going on.
3. When we reach 1000 names I will construct a questionairre that will demonstrate how problem gambling severely affects us in every area of our lives. This applies to two sets of people. People who are or have been problem gamblers and those whose lives have been seriously affected by problem gamblers. There must be a committment to fill in this questionairre so we can start to have information that we can use as a tool to raise that awareness.
4. After that I publish the findings on a new website and then we grow. Grow and grow until we become a voice that cannot be ignored.
What do you think?
Are you with me?

Jake Brindell from www.wanttostopgambling.com
#2 Posted : Thursday, 4 June 2009 11:15:00 a.m.(UTC)

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so you can harvest email addresses....? fat chance pal. just post your questionaire here and post YOUR email address and i'm sure several people will fill it in. the mountain isnt moving to muhammed. there are already anti gambling lobbies....and plenty of forums like this one ....you see how much good it does.

by the way your site link is dead....
#3 Posted : Thursday, 4 June 2009 11:15:00 a.m.(UTC)

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Hi Glorp,

if you went to my website then you may see that my intentions are good ones. Please check it out and give me a fair crack before you shoot me down.

I have just clicked on the link and it was ok but if it doesn't work you could copy and paste www.wanttostopgambling.com into the address bar
#4 Posted : Thursday, 4 June 2009 11:15:00 a.m.(UTC)

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Hi everybody

let us welcome Darren, Jimbo, Anne, and Adam to the PGF

VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION - I have just got off the phone with someone who was on the panel of the British Gambling prevelance study and in thier estimation it was a complete waste of time and money.
This was beacuse it tried to compare with an earlier study done in 1999 which said that there were about 300,000 problem gamblers in the UK and the 2007 put the figure at a cosy 250,000 - so go back to sleep the UK we are looking after you.

Hogwash - my source says that the last one had a response rate of 68% and that this one was only a 52% - a 16% drop and in terms of a study this is huge, huge, huge - it means that in no way can it be compared to the last one and also means it is a gross misrepresentation of the true figure of problem gambling.
My source went on to say that they took random households but did not take into account problem gamblers who do not have houses, or are in prison, or are in digs, or are in pschiatric care etc etc

Okay we kind of all knew that something didn't feel right but now we have proof and that is very powerful tool which I will be shouting from whatever rooftop I can when I can

Getting back to the PGF and why it could potentially be of great importance - As we all know The study will not reflect what is really going on because a problem gambler who is in denial with himself/herself is not going to come clean to some government study

A Problem Gamblers Federation which deals directly with problem gamblers who are willing to share (anonymously of course) their behaviour with regards to gambling is going right to the source - and people who have been seriously affected - we are the human cost they claim they are trying to measure and yet they get it wrong consistently - why - because no problem gamblers trust them and why should they?

That's why the problem gamblers federation can work because we are the truth and I only want the truth to come out - nothing more nothing less.

With people like us at the helm you can be assured that our intentions will be sound and correct and to crush anyone who doubts my credentials - I did not come back from the brink of suicide go through pyschological and emotional hell, without help, and am in the process of paying back the £50,000 of debt that I racked up in the process - set up a website - which costs me money - write a help - guide that I give away for free and actively stick up for our segment of society on TV and radio whenever I can. Gambling has been bigger than A father or mother to me because i trusted gambling more than my parents. and I would never ever sell a problem gambler or someone who has been affected by one down the road
Gambling has been the biggest thing in my my life.
To turn what was evil and bad and self destructive into something that is now becoming important and useful and empowering is a wonderful experience for me and those of you on here that have done the same thing or are in the process of trying to do that very thing - then I take more my hat off to you and salute you from the tallest tree because it aint very easy - but boy is it rewarding

Also, I don't care if I don't ever make a penny from it all because I care - end of story - I care about keeping myself focused on something that is postitive and feel privelleged that I am no longer (at this present time) focusing on a past negative

but i need support and to those of you that have already given that to me I thank you from a very special place

I would once again call on everybody who is able to think about such things (of course - recovery comes first and this should never interfere with that in any way) and It really doen's matter if we agree on lots of finer details - that will never happen

Lets agree on Gambling can present huge problems to lots of people and seriously affect those around them

Lets agree to raise awareness and stop the numbers that come flocking here - as best we can

That's it raise awareness using our past experiences

Get that awareness where it belongs - out there
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